Dear parents, endeavor to pursue the newsletter and prepare for your child's resumption. The forecast of event for first term is hereby enclosed for your perusal. We remain grateful to God for seeing us through for the successful completion of first term 2019/2020 academic session. We however, trust God Almighty to usher us into second term academic session which will commence by 13th January, 2020.   

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to our parents /guardian for the prayer and support throughout the first term academic session. We truly felt the effect of your prayers, cooperation and commitment. We therefore, use this medium to appreciate and thank you for entrusting your wards into our care.

  • LATE COMING TO SCHOOL Parents/ Guardians are advised to prepare their children to school early before the arrival of the school bus. The school bus shall wait for only 2-3 minutes before taking off in order to be able to meet up with other activities such as picking up other children at different locations and meet up with the assembly activity.
  • School fees/ levy: All fees should be paid in bank on or before resumption. Parents /Guardians are to note that all school fees defaulters shall not be allowed in the school.
  • All school fees defaulters shall not be permitted in the school as from 3rd week of resumption
  • OPEN DAY the school will observe her (Open Day) in the fifth week as from 10:00am. Parent /guardians are reminded to come and check their children academic work. Parents are also to discuss their observations with the respective class teachers.
  • CULTURAL DAY: The school will observe her cultural day activity on the 5th of March, 2020.
  • All students/pupils are required to be dressed in their traditional / native attires and bring along their best tribal meal. Parents are to come along with their wards for observation.
  • Challenges: Some parents were served freely throughout the term, session without paying their wards school fees/ bus fees, which is seriously affecting the smooth running of the school.
  • We hereby, use this opportunity to plead to parents to pay all outstanding for effective running of the school.
  • All students/ pupils are expected to be dressed in their normal school uniform during the school session except on on Wednesdays when they should be kitted in their sport wears and on Fridays when they should dress in their Friday wears.
  • Note mufti wears are prohibited during school hours
  • Students/Pupils are expected to be in their black school sandals with white socks that has blue stripe while on school uniform / Friday wears; White canvas with white stockings are allowed for sport wears only.

 Education is the total development of a child in terms of physical, mental and social growth which enables the child to be fit and useful in the society as well as in the environment where he/she resides.

Therefore, parents take education as a priority for their children by buying education for their children. We pray that all your efforts towards your children’s education shall prosper. May the Almighty God continue to bless you and provide for you to meet the needs of your children. ’Amen’’.

 Thank you for choosing Success Foundation Montessori School and we remain committed to serve you better.